Allard's Videos

Santa Barbara National, July 2006.

Allard was wonderful the whole time. he got Regional Reserve Champion in Dressage Hack and in English Show Hack, a couple thirds in other classes and a 6th in baroque in hand. This was my first time to show him in hand and i was very pleased at how well mannered he was (that's not what they're judged on, tho) and pleased that i kept up with him running. (i've been practicing jogging with him and using the whip with my left hand behind my back.) here are links to some video clips:

in hand, warm up arena

in hand arena1

in hand arena2

extended trot

notice in the still frame at the beginning, where he has been cantering but is going into the hand gallop, all 4 feet are way off the ground!

hand gallop

front page of newspaper

it all comes together
arcturus meets allard and a starling