About My Teacher Master Paulie Zink

Paulie Zink teaches both taoist yoga and monkey style kung fu.

He teaches immersion in the tao and the awakening in the body of natural energies that provide strength, awareness, and good health. Meditation is primarily centered on body awareness and the natural energies that are available through opening the pathways that can be cultivated in every person's body.

Here is a quote taken from Master Paulie Zink’s
Yoga Teaching Philosophy

"I believe in open systems of thought and practice. I disregard rigid formulas or concepts. My intention in creating the art of Yin and Yang yoga was to develop a style of yoga that has universal appeal and application, a style that can be adapted to a variety of interests and needs and is compatible with all other styles of yoga, to provide a practice that benefits the mental, physical, and spiritual health and well being of students, promotes healing and growth, and helps students restore their physical mobility, enabling them to move naturally as an animal moves, the way our bodies are intended to.

Proficiency of yoga is achieved through the practice of yoga postures and movements, not through the study of theory. The benefit of yoga comes from doing it and becoming one with it. For me, yoga is a way of life. I have incorporated the practice into everything I do, into my way of being. When we are in harmony with the Tao then our minds are not busy thinking about theory. Theory and practice are two different things. It is not necessary to study theory to be able to embody the art of yoga. True understanding of theory comes from engaging in the practice of yoga. It comes from direct experience. However, the experience of yoga does not require scientific explanation in order to be advantageous.

As long as we are alive our bodies are growing. New cells are being created to replace old and dying cells. I never impose a limiting belief system on students. If we believe we are limited then we are. I encourage students to believe that healing, growth and improvement are almost always possible. A good teacher leads by example. A good teacher teaches students to realize their potential and to liberate themselves from presumed limitations. Ultimately, within the pulsing ebb and flow of the creative power inherent in the universe, anything is possible."


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